Owners Be Aware

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Dear Fellow Dog Owners,

Be sure of what you're getting in terms of services for the value of your dollar and requirements. 

As a dog owner myself, I would request specific details as to the time spent outdoors (on and/or off leash) with my pups, indoors, pictures/videos, regular updates and if the requirements suit my needs. 

When quantity takes over, quality inevitably suffers. Meaning your dog does not get as much (if any) attention, affection, supervision they require. Personally, I started my own company because I've seen too many distressed, anxious, or unhappy dogs cooped into large daycare centers, only waiting for their owner to get back to go back home.

I see too often people cutting corners when or where they can. Dog care is hard work from actual walking to daycare, boarding, cleaning with feeding, baths when necessary. 

Be sure to detail your specific requirements prior to handing your pup at any place. And don't be afraid to demand proof or validation to whomever you choose to give your fur baby's care into cuz it's not only your right but your pups care at hand.



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