Dear Valued Pup Owners

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

City Town Canine is a registered, fully insured and licensed custom dog care company offering a vast array of services.

We spend a lot of time outdoors for exercise, socialization, park play and hiking adventures.

I have recently partnered up with the best of the best, National Positions Team, who are 5 time Inc.500 Honorees, and who not only made it on Forbes Magazine for excellence, the LA Business Journal but Bloomberg as well.

Because we value quality and personable professionalism, we only partner with the best in order to give you the best service suitable for your pup. City Town Cane is always kennel free with plenty of toys, orthopedic dog beds, mattresses in a daily sterilized environment for health, stimulation (or peace) and comfort at all times while indoors. We never had a claim, never turned down a dog for any sort of possible issues, temperament, size or breed having knowledge and experience dealing with canine behaviour. In light of this ongoing covid-19 situation, we offer even more affordable pricing for the same high standard custom care that exceed expectation, with All Services and Plans including HST. Owners are also kept updated on our daily activities with picture, videos and regular updated communication about your pup.

You may reach out to me on here, my email address or call for further information about any inquiries you may have and/or special requests. We are open 7/7 with flexible hours and no additional charges during the weekend or statutory holidays.

Each one of your beloved pups are guaranteed individualized attentiveness to their specific needs and requirements at unbeatable rates for the quality value you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the city.

As a dog owner (of 3) myself, I can full heartily relate to how much each and everyone of your loved one's mean the world to you, and I personally would not treat any of yours any differently. Please, feel free to contact City Town Canine for a meet and greet and to experience for yourself the premiere Canine Care we provide.

We are so excited to show you first-hand the quality custom care that we offer to each one of your unique fur family member(s), all while keeping you in the loop as well!

Thank you if you managed to read all through this! ;) Sincerely, Jana Stastny - Proud owner of City Town Canine in new Partnership with the National Positions Family. 647-871-0779

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