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A Dog's Day Out

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

During daytime two brown and white dogs running dirt road

Spending the day away from home can be tough for your dog, but it does not need to be! Here at City Town Canine, we take the care of your special furry friend very seriously. In fact, a day out with us is quite literally a walk in the park for your pup.

We make sure your dog gets a chance to experience the great outdoors, make new friends, and relax for a while during the day. At all times, your dog is kept safe and comfortable as well. Read on to discover what a day out with City Town Canine looks like for your pup:

Outdoors Time

A fun dog play day with City Town Canine is the perfect treat for four-legged nature lovers.

Your dog's stay includes plenty of outdoor activities and socialization. They get to explore completely dog-friendly zones, including Trinity Bellwoods, High Park, and a variety of unique trails in safe areas. Even the most energetic dogs in our care have enough time to play throughout the day.

Besides ensuring your dog gets to enjoy loads of fresh air and sunshine on fun hiking adventures, we also make sure they are comfortable at all times. Your prized pups never go without fresh, cold water whenever they need it, and meals are given regularly.

Indoors Time

Dog sleeping on the couch

Our doggy daycare is carefully structured for your dog's maximum comfort and security. While indoors, your pup is treated to purified air and a completely pet-safe, sterilized environment.

We make sure our kennel-free space is thoroughly cleaned, daily. An ozone generator purifies the air while your pup is busy playing outdoors, as well, eliminating odors and lingering germs so your pup can rest comfortably when they come in.

If your dog is not used to being away from home, we can help them relax with their favorite familiar necessities. Bring along your dog's favorite toy, bed, covers, and treats to help them feel at home during their stay.

Special Treats

City Town Canine has a variety of special features and services available for you and your pup.

Orthopedic beds and toys are available to help your dog unwind regardless of age or physical condition. Breeds of all shapes and sizes receive special, tailored attention while in our care.

Dog plays with stick

City Town Canine is also a great option for anyone in need of flexible dog walking and sitting services. We are open 24/7, rain or shine, to help take care of your furry family member.

You will not need to worry while you are away from your pup. We offer regular, daily updates on your dog to keep you in the loop on all the fun they are having. You can see for yourself in the pictures and videos we send you just how well your dog is doing every day that they stay with us.

If you would like to schedule a meet and greet, do not hesitate to get in touch with Jana or give us a call at 647-871-0779.

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