Ethical, Authentic, Calm


With a Business Administration Degree, but a dedicated passion and skill for dogs, I decided to put my all into my private/custom home boarding, daycare, general or private walking services, with plenty of outdoor time to socialize.

My personal favorite are walks to the park with park play, so your pup gets sufficient exercise (or outdoor time to relax, observe and breath in the fresh air) and is happily tired out at the end of each session.

I am all about Quality vs Quantity, so each of your loved one's get the upmost attention, care, exercise, socialization, and training when needed, instead of being cooped up all day or ignored at larger facilities cuz when you sacrifice quality over quantity that's what happens.

My goal is 100% guaranteed satisfaction, safety, and adhering to any owners' requests, including video's, pictures, and regular personal updates to each of your pups.

Dog Walker at the Park
Dog Walker
Vizsla Dogs
Small Terrier
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Exclusive care for your Inclusive Family Member

Regardless of your canine's breed, size or temperament, at CityTownCanine each one of your pups get customized, comfort treatment and services to meet their needs and your requirements.

Please keep in mind for daycare or boarding services, each dogs' food must be provided by the owner in order to maintain a steady diet.

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The Best of Both Worlds

Responsible, Reliable

Whether your pup is enjoying the great outdoors discovering interesting new scents in various settings, different parks, or at home, they will always be in the company of fellow trained canines and under personal supervision in a cozy, air purified, clean and sterilized home.